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Road Trip!

QWe're off on our annual Holiday event Today - 30+ people in a bus headed to... we don't know! The company planned a Holiday Surprise over-nighter, and we're all just climbing aboard and heading off.

Given this, we thought we would share some of the things we've done to prepare for the unknown...

We "Packed for an English Summer" Ever heard that phrase? It means to pack for any eventuality. In England, in the Summertime, you could experience cold rains, or sunny skies, chilly fog, or warm breezes. Since we know not where we are heading on our junket Today, we “packed for an English Summer.” While it is supposed to be partly cloudy to sunny this weekend where we will be, it could rain or get chilly at times, so dress we are layers and comfy shoes… and bringing emergency ponchos and body warmers - just in case.

We'll let you know how it went and what we did in a future post!

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