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You always want to be prepared for an emergency and/or some kind of natural disaster no matter what, but at times it is hard to prepare for both home, car and another location such as work or any place else you spend time. Our Guardian Preparedness packages are able to help you prepare 1-4 people for multiple locations all in one package. Included are Deluxe First Aid Kits and Survival Buckets, Auto Guardian First Aid kits and finally mini first aid kits that can be easily transported wherever you need to go. All include food/water, light, communication, shelter, warmth and the proper hygiene and sanitation products. We have you fully covered in case of an emergency anywhere!

The First Aid Kit, came about as a conversation between a Johnson & Johnson founder and a railway surgeon. Essentially the surgeon explained they had a tough job and they were hampered by the lack of sterile medical supplies. Also they often had to work outdoors, miles from any kind of medical facilities. The idea was then made to package sterile surgical gauze, dressings and other products together in boxes that could be kept on trains and at the sites where the workers were at. The railway surgeons would then have the supplies they needed to treat and stabilize the injured so that they could be transported to more comprehensive medical help. In 1890 Johnson & Johnson put out a kit called the Railway Station and Factory Supply Case, which was (as the name suggested) designed to be placed with railroad station agents and used in factories.

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