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SmartTab Tapes Refills

SmartTab Tape are quite possibly one of the most versatile products you can have in your SmartCompliance first aid kit. They have a wide range of uses including securing bandages, supporting sprains and splints, molds to body contours, and can hold items such as dressing, catheters and tubing in place. Our SmartTab Tapes are hassle free to tear hypoallergenic and though it holds firmly to skin, it has a gentle removal and reduces the chance of skin irritation. And because is it part of the SmartTab Ex Refill system, you will be alerted when it is time to reorder. Always keep on top of the issue with our Tapes and Refills!

DID YOU KNOW? Athletic taping over the ankle and foot of athletes such as football player can provide support to a joint, allowing the player to better control his body movement. Did you know that football players also place athletic tape OVER their shoes and around their ankle as an extra layer of support. Some say it's overkill, others think of it as a pre-game ritual. As long as it works!