Shelter and Sleeping

Stay out of the elements in comfort or at least "survivable comfort" with our extensive line of Coverage Shelters, solar blankets, sleeping bags and outdoor wear, by brands such as AAA, Urgent First Aid, SOL, American Red Cross and much more! Canopys, reflective solar blankets, sleeping bags, pop-up tents, rain ponchos and utility blankets are only a few of the Shelter and Sleeping items we offer to protect and keep you comfortable during times such as bad weather, disasters or even good ol outdoor time such as camping. Stay prepared for all elements!

We have all gotten lost before. At department stores, driving the street of a new city, etc. The most frightening place to get lost is in the woods or a forest because you can lose your bearings quickly if you are not careful. One of the first things you should do is stop walking and sit down. Then make a plan to build a shelter. This will help keep you warm, provide a dry place to sleep, and make you feel more secure. The shelter doesn't have to be anything fancy, just enough to keep most of the rain off and keep you warm and secure. If you don't have enough time to make a shelter, try to huddle up under a tree for the night. Hopefully, if you were prepared, you would have at least one of our emergency tarps, utility blankets or other type of emergency cover to keep you protected from the elements

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