SmartTab™ Gauze Pads and Rolls Refills

SmartTab Gauze Pads and Rolls are great for treating minor cuts, scrapes and burns. They can be used to absorb fluids and to provide a semi-permeable barrier over a wound. They can also be used to apply ointments, rub cleansing fluids such as isopropyl alcohol, onto a wound site or incision. We have conforming gauze and gauze dressings in differing sizes, depending on the parameters of the wounds being treated. The pads and rolls are made to be secure yet not stick to your skin so they remove gently. With the patented SmartTab Ez Refill Indicator tab you will be alerted when you are in the need of a refills of and of course process of refilling is very fast and easy.

Gauze roll bandages are considered a "utility" bandage in that they can be used as a primary bandage or as a secondary wound dressing. They are particularly useful in burn care application. One can use a sterile gauze roll to hold a wound gauze pad in place, using slight compression to keep it from slipping or use the gauze roll, if need be, as the primary wound dressing, because it is also non-stick and is light and airy enough to allow the burns to breath, yet will protect against the elements.

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