Lifeform Manikins

Lifeform manikins not only focus on the basic life saving skills of CPR and any procedures to do CPR, but also are heavily involved with the BLS (Basic Lifesaving) procedures that a nurse or care giver needs to learn to be able to perform their duties. The Geri Complete Nursing Skills manikins are ideal for preparing students for working with real-life geriatric patients.It  features Geri - a manikin with elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds vs Keri which isn't age specific buts is life-like and has an unusually realistic appearance of a woman, or as a man when the wig is removed. With these manikins, you can be confident that you will not be missing out on any learning topic.

One of the most useful manikins in the Lifeform line is the Keri Complete Nursing Skill mannequin. As the Geri manikin is geriatric-like so skills for those types can be learned. Keri is not age dependent. Lifeform molding and modeling techniques have given Keri an unusually realistic appearance as a woman, or as a man when the wig is removed. Unique visual features reinforce the importance of inspecting patients and noting changes in their appearance. All joints provide maximum lifelike range of motion not found in any other manikin. Lifeform simulations have been included in KERi to allow the practice of more than 35 patient care procedures.

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