Deluxe Survival Kits

Out Deluxe Survival kits, pack the highest quality supplies in durable bucket containers or backpacks. These take the Basic Survival Kits and packed much more in the way of supplies and reflect the needs of the people to survive a major disaster or emergency. The Deluxe Survival kits, have been packed to serve approximately 3-4 people for at least 72 hours. These kits include brands such as Guardians Deluxe Food Storage Survival Kits, 4 person Deluxe Bucket kits, and many other fully stocked kits with all the essentials to make a disaster situation at least comfortable for a certain amount of time.

DID YOU KNOW? September is "National Preparedness Month" which is a month dedicated and focused on making sure you and your family are ready and prepared for any time of disaster and natural event that can cause wide spread damage where you may not be able to get clean running water or electricity for days. The state of Kansas has gone a bit farther, Declaring October "Zombie Preparedness Month." It has essentially the same concept as National preparedness Month but it is another way of engaging the people to get on board and be prepared for any type of natural disasters. If you can prepare for Zombies, you can prepare for anything!

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