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Tarps are simple yet one of the most useful items to use when camping, staying outdoors or to use in case of an emergency. Tarps are the duct tape of elemental protection. We offer vinyl tarps and even plastic sheeting to use as protection from elements, protect your things from the elements or even to wrap up items securely to make sure no moisture gets in. We have numerous sizes to fit your needs and with the all of our products quality and durability is unquestioned!

Using a Tarp to pitch a survival tent - A classic scouting activity is to pitch a tent (an A-frame shelter) using nothing more than a tarp, a tree, cordage and skills in putting it together. Be sure to make your shelter breathable! The purpose of the tarp is to keep away the baking sun and shelter you from the pouring rain or snow. It's not to be air tight (or you won't be able to breathe). Another method is the tarp combined with a pole which is popular in the bush.

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