American Red Cross Kits

The American Red Cross has been synonymous with emergency first aid care for decades. With their line of branded first aid kits, you know you are getting the highest quality, the most useful supplies and top of the line kits to use for any type of emergency you can fathom. They have CPR Responder Kits, Emergency First Aid Kits, Personal Safety Kits, Germ Guard Personal Protection Packs and so many more. If you have a bodily fluid spill, an eye care emergency or even an accident on your bike on the way to school American Red Cross Branded first aid packs have a kit just specially designed for you. The American Red Cross will always be prepared!

DID YOU KNOW? The idea for the Red Cross was sparked by a witness to a gruesome battle in 1859. Swiss entrepreneur Jean Henri Dunant witnessed the Battle of Solferino, in which some 40,000 troops were killed or wounded in a single day. Since neither army had much of a medical corps, Dunant organized a group of volunteers to bring food and water to the wounded, to treat their injuries and to write letters to their families. This vision for the Red Cross would become a reality the following year.

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