Continuing our tradition of offering the highest quality and top of the line Automated External Defibrillators to detect and treat massive cardio events, we offer Zolls AED products. From the Zoll AED Plus to their AED Pro, they are one of the premier innovators in the industry of providing the latest in cardiac life support technologies with their line of defibrillators that not only feature a uniform operating system but can monitor the rate and depth of chest compressions and can be made fully automatic so it eliminates the need to have someone push the Shock button. A lay rescuer can use their equipment with ease and with only a limited amount of training.

DID YOU KNOW?  In 1952, Dr Paul M. Zoll M.D demonstrated that external electrical stimulation of a patient’s chest during cardiac arrest could produce an effective heartbeat. In 1956 though, he became the first physician to successfully use external defibrillation to regulate heart rhythms in patients. This discovery contributed significantly to the decrease in heart disease deaths.

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