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We want you to become the best CPR instructor you can be. Our American CPR Training™ "Instructors Corner" articles will help you achieve that. We have the resources that will guide you in your journey to becoming an instructor, earning cash through affiliate instructor programs, and instructing your own independent CPR training classes using materials and certificates provided by American CPR Training™. We are dishing out the latest information on topics such as how to retrieve student packets & course materials so that you can undercut your competition with time and cost efficient CPR, First Aid and AED classes in your community. If you are teaching CPR, First Aid and AED classes independently read up on our articles regarding this topic.

  1. Invite us to your Holiday Party!
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    Invite us to your Holiday Party!

    Planning a Holiday Party? At Work or at Home? Make us a part of your Party… Schedule a life-loving-lesson as your event entertainment! Risk for injuries and heart attack both rise dramatically during the holiday season. Sudden Cardiac Arrest increase is commonly attributed to holiday stress, as well as the consumption of richer foods and alcohol. Injuries and accidents rise...
  2. Look what Melissa got for Christmas!
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    Look what Melissa got for Christmas!

    A new American CPR Training® Instructor shirt! Now on sale for just $9.99! Doesn't she look great? American CPR Training® Chambray Denim Instructor Shirt: Get yours Today! More Views SALE! REGULARLY $29.95 NOW ONLY $9.99 Training™ embroidered Instructor Shirt. At $49.95 (overstock sale $9.99 on sale!) you can look your best without breaking the bank! Limited sizes and quantities remaining...
  3. It’s Back - BUT Better - 20%-96% off - End of the Year Sale!
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    It’s Back - BUT Better - 20%-96% off - End of the Year Sale!

    American CPR Instructor Sale! It’s the American CPR Training® YEAR-END BLOWOUT ***Bigger than our Biggest Sale Ever!*** 20% off to an unbelievable 96% off these American CPR Training® Instructor Deals!(and you may be able to write these purchases off your 2016 taxes as well!*) SHIRTS! See More > BAGS! See More > PROPS! See More > TOOLS! See More >...
  4. Body Language
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    Body Language

    Bodies tell us much - in Health and Medicine, they give clues to ailments and potential issues, in business and interpersonal relationships they give us clues to what is hidden in the mind. Whether a CPR instructor teaching at the front of a training room or a worker communicating with another, body language can impart the message you would like...
  5. No Blue Noses!
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    No Blue Noses!

    CPR Instructors... how many "Blue Nose" manikins do you have? Dontcha hate that? Something about students with ink on their hands from taking notes... So the options for a long time have been: Buy new faces Get plastic head manikins like CPR Prompt or Basic Buddy, or Let the students laugh and just explain "Annie is cold"   There's another...
  6. Positivity
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    Perhaps nothing else is quite as important when comes to determining your trajectory. While it can be tempting to slip into negative thoughts, it is up to us to actively quiet them. One of the best ways to do this is to listen to what you're telling yourself, as if you were telling it to someone else. When you take a step back, it...
  7. Once Upon a Time...
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    Once Upon a Time...

    We leave you this week with thoughts on opening. Our Instructors always are thinking about how to first break the silence when beginning a class, so let's think about some of the most riveting lines in the history of literature. First up, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was...
  8. EMS1 e-magazine calls teaching for American CPR Training® the perfect job
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    EMS1 e-magazine calls teaching for American CPR Training® the perfect job

    EMS1 Magazine online called being an Instructor with American CPR Training® one of 7 perfect side jobs for an EMT. While a bit of a misquote (we do not offer ACLS or PALS, but we DO offer CPR, Advanced/Healthcare CPR, First Aid, AED, BBP, Forklift and over 100 other OSHA Safety Training Topics) - nevertheless, this authoritative resource for EMTs and...
  9. Happy Teachers' Day!
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    Happy Teachers' Day!

    Happy Teachers Day to all our incredible Instructors!
  10. Hemoglobinopathies
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    We've talked about what Hemoglobin, but what is Hemoglobinopathy? These are a group of disorders passed down through families (inherited) in which there is abnormal production or structure of the hemoglobin molecule. Hemoglobinopathies include sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, hemoglobin C disease, and hemoglobin S-C disease. The CDC monitors hemoglobinopathies to find out how many people have these disorders and how they affect health over time.

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