First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits should have a permanent spot in your house, your car, at your work or anywhere you could be. Just having one packed and ready could help you stymie everything from a small cut, scrape or bruise to stopping a wound that is profusely bleeding just enough so you or someone else can get proper medical attention from an EMT or a doctor at a hospital. We offer every type of First Aid Kit under the rainbow. Everything from hard case, soft case, ANSI and OSHA kits to Business First Aid, American Red Cross Kits, Auto and Road Emergency kits, Outdoor Kits and even Pet Emergency kits that are packed and ready for use. Never be without a First Aid Kit!

DID YOU KNOW? The "First Aid Kit" came about as a conversation between a Johnson & Johnson founder and a railway surgeon. Essentially the surgeon explained they had a tough job and they were hampered by the lack of sterile medical supplies and the fact that they often had to work outdoors, miles from any kind of medical facilities. The idea was then made to package it's sterile surgical gauze, dressings and other products together in boxes that could be kept on trains and at the sites where the workers were working. The railway surgeons would then have the supplies they needed to treat and stabilize the injured so that they could be transported to more comprehensive medical help. In 1890, Johnson & Johnson put out a kit called the Railway Station and Factory Supply Case, which was (as the name suggested) designed to be placed with railroad station agents and used in factories.

American Red Cross Kits

We have American Red Cross CPR Responder Kits, Emergency First Aid Kits, Personal Safety Kits, Germ Guard Personal Protection Packs and so many more. If you have a bodily fluid spill, an eye care emergency or even an accident on your bike on the way to school American Red Cross Branded first aid packs have a kit just specially designed for you. The American Red Cross will always be prepared!

ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits

We have both bulk and unitized versions of these ANSI Compliant kits, each fully stocked and labeled with the pertinent information. The compartmented first aid kits offer first aid contents that are organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions by injury type and contain concise directions for use. For unitized, they have at least the minimum ANSI required items and are color-coded per the ANSI Color Coded Unitized standard. ANSI bulk first aid kits offer full first aid compliance in the most economical manner.

Bloodborne Pathogen Kits

Whether by air or bodily fluids, we have the industrial protection kits for you to make sure you are protected against many types of bloodborne pathogens and accidental exposure. All of our bloodborne pathogen kits include some type of gloves, clothes coveralls, masks and other types of pathogen killing materials such as wipes, and fluid control solidifiers to help control the flow of hazardous bodily fluid. Some of our BBP kits also come with protective Microshields for CPR purposes.

Boat, Marine, & Coast Guard Kits

We have boat, marine, & coast guard first aid kits designed for just cruising on a lake for a couple of hours or cruising in your yacht for a week in the ocean. All the kits are considered waterproof and are packed with supplies specifically for being out on the water. If you go boating or just go for a swim, be prepared with one of our marine first aid kits. You will be glad you did!

Bulk First Aid Kits

Our bulk first aid kits have the essential items per ANSI specifications and contents. They are organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions. Both plastic and metal bulk first aid cases are available for most types of kits. Our bulk kits have been designed to serve from as little as 10 people up to 50 people so they are great for the office and workplace.

Compact First Aid Kits

These small compact first aid kits are easily portable, packed with supplies to treat minor injuries. Useful for hikes, camping, and when a big bulky first aid kit is not an option. With compact first Aid kits from Adventure Medical, SOL, and Guardian, you know they are well designed. These kits are easy to use and durable. All the kits, such as the popular Pocket Survival Pak, Survival Pal, and Survival Medic Kit, are easily transportable and can be accessed in a snap.

Construction Kits

We offer construction first aid kits designed for just the type of injuries one may encounter at a construction site. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Containing everything you need to treat cuts, abrasions, burns, insect bites and headaches that you would expect to encounter on a job site, you can feel relief knowing that you and the job site are covered for most injuries.

Empty Cases & Bags

Empty cases & bags to store every day supplies, medical items, survival items, or anything else. Everything from roller bags, duffel bags, empty first responder bags, CPR dummy bags, metal and plastic First aid kits and more are at your disposal. You know that what you are getting is top of the line and of the highest quality so you do not have to worry about finding empty bags or cases again!

First Responder Kits

Our durable and portable first responder kits are packed with medical supplies that are designed for first responders to treat multiperson injuries, accidents, and disasters. They are packed with comprehensive essential first aid supplies needed in a medical emergency. First responder and trauma kits/bags come in a handful of colors and differing sizes depending on your needs and many come with extra space so you can bring your own medical supplies.

Fundraiser First Aid Kits

Our fundraiser first aid kits provide a healthy way to raise money for your school, sports teams, a class trip, or other event. Since everyone needs a first aid kit, these fully stocked kits will guarantee you at least 50% profit. Fundraiser first aid kits can be General Home First Aid Kits, an Auto First Aid Kit, and a mixed first aid kit package with both of these kits and even our PLAN D package with AED.

General Purpose First Aid Kits

Our general purpose first Aid kits are perfect for home, office, car, camping or just walking down the sidewalk. These all purpose kits include mini kits, auto kits, outdoor adventure kits, travel kits and more. These portable first aid kits are designed with essential items for a variety of home uses. We carry brands such as First Aid Only, Adventure Medical Kits, and even the American Red Cross, so you know they are fully packed with quality supplies and designed to be user friendly.

Hip Pocket/Compact First Aid Kits

Shop compact and versatile first aid kits that can fit in your pocket, bag, on a boat, on your hip or just about anywhere else. AMK's Adventure First Aid Kit line is small and fully packed with supplies depending on how many people you need to treat. We also have Smart Travel kits, Suture/Syringe kits, small watertight kits to be used in ocean or on lake and a plethora of other small yet mighty first aid kits.

Hunting and Fishing Kits

Shop this line of specifically designed first aid and emergency kits to treat the injuries of hunters and fishermen. Our fishing and hunting first aid kits, bags and medical supplies range from simple "day-on-the-lake" waterproof, pocket sized, outdoor first aid kits to full blown field kits for hunting and fishing tours. We carry the best designed and highest quality sportsman kits on the market such as Adventure Medical Kits and SOL.

Kids' First Aid & Child ID Kits

These products are for treating injured children and locating or identify children if they are lost. Shop first aid kits for children by Medibuddy first aid kits with Animal Friends on the packaging, or child ID and records kit used to keep with a child in case they get separated or lost. We also have a slew of other child first aid products to help take the "sting" away from any injury your child may endure.

Landscaper First Aid Kits

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a do it yourself homeowner, our Landscaper First Aid Kit, covers any type of ailment you may encounter outside: Insect stings, eye irritations, sprains and minor cuts. Come in handy when working with prickly bushes, getting stung by a bee, touching poison ivy, or just get something in your eye. When you get scratched, pull a back muscle or step on a sprinkler hole this kit will come in handy. No matter what you do, keeping the Landscaper Kit nearby will ensure that you are able to try and get back to landscaping.

Logger First Aid Kits

Logging is perpetually among the most dangerous occupations in the United States. The Logger First Aid Kit is designed for injuries that can occur while logging. This kit meets OSHA standards and contains the supplies you're likely to need on the job. Gauze, compresses, wound wipes, splints and even a CPR Mask. The Logger First Aid Kit is durable and stocked with top quality first aid items.

Mountain Kits

These mountain first aid kits are for outdoor enthusiasts, trip guides, and camp staff working in remote locations. They provide first aid and emergency gear which assist in responding and caring for injuries when no assistance is available. We have tools and supplies by Adventure Medical Kits and SOL which will enhance your outdoors experience and be a complementary part in case an emergency arises.

OSHA & Bulk First Aid Kits

Shop both plastic and metal OSHA first aid kits. Our OSHA kits have been designed to serve from as little as 10 people up to 50 people. They are great for the office and workplace. Each of these kits are stocked with essential items per ANSI 2009 Specifications. Contents are organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions. Makes sure to keep your workplace compliant with an OSHA first aid kit.

OSHA Compliance Packages

We have OSHA Compliance Packages that address four compliance issues: first aid, bloodborne pathogens, personal protection, and CPR. Our Compliance packages are stock full of the first aid supplies that guarantee you are in compliance with the OSHA and ANSI Workplace regulations. Whether it’s an office, industrial business or even a company in the food service industry, there are first aid and safety requirements that need to be complied with.

OSHA Guarantee Program

Guarantee OSHA Compliance for your office, restaurant or industrial workspace: OSHA Smart Compliance. As part of this Guarantee program, you can receive General Industry and Food Industry designed cabinets with or without medications in different sizes. All of these SmartCompliance Cabinets are stocked full of the necessary first aid supplies you need and with the EZ-Refill feature included, you will know exactly when you are about to run out of something so you can order a refill.

Outdoor First Aid Kits

Shop outdoor first aid kits for hiking, biking, camping, hunting, swimming, playing sports, etc. We have a first aid kit for any activity you can dream of and each of these kits are stocked with everything to treat injuries you may face out doors. This includes, gauze, wipes, sting relief, bug repellant, bandages, moleskin, and much more. You want to carry a first aid kit, but it needs to be light and compact? We have plenty of mini first aid kits, bags and medic pouches.

Pet Emergency & First Aid

our pet emergency first aid and supply products include everything you need for sick or injured pets (dogs first aid, cats first aid, horses first aid, etc.) Our kits are designed for handling minor first aid emergencies and stabilize them until you can reach a vet for treatment. With brands such as Me-Ow, Bow-Ow, Sporting Dog, Mayday and more, you know you are prepared to help your furry family friends!

Pool & Lifeguard Kits

Swimming pools can be one of the more dangerous places to be around. Be prepared for any poolside accident from scrapes, bumps and bruises and eye irritation to performing CPR on someone who is unconscious. We have a Pool and Lifeguard kit by Urgent First Aid, which will help you with all of these injuries, emergencies and much more. These swimming pool first aid kits include whistles, sunscreen, insect sting relief and a one way CPR makes, our kits cover the gamut when it comes to pool side emergencies.

Restaurant First Aid Kits

One of the more hazardous places to work is a food service kitchens. Our Restaurant First Aid Kits were specifically designed to meet OSHA and Department of Health guidelines for restaurants, food kitchens and catering businesses. Kits include items such as gauze, Water Jel, important blue visible and metal detectable bandages. No restaurant should be without one of these first aid kits.

School Bus First Aid Kits

Our School Bus First Aid Kits, have first aid supplies to treat any type of injury that could occur on a school bus. From bumps and scrapes to having a child getting something in their eye, we have the contents like wipes, gauze pads, bandages and even eye drops to help alleviate any discomfort a child may have on a bus ride. Every school bus in the United States needs to meet the OSHA Minimum standards for first aid on a school bus. We have the kits to do just that.

Soft Pack First Aid Kits

Shop durable softpack first aid kits. Mini Kits to fully packed Coach and Sports First Aid kits. All of the softsided / bag first aid kits are packed with top of the line first aid supplies and can be stored at home, in the car, or even be carried with you on outdoor excursions such as camping and boating. Manufacturers such as First Aid Only, Adventure Medical Kits, Lifeline AAA and more. Softsided kits for all purposes including auto emergency kits, travel kits, and boating / marine kits.

Sports Kits

Be prepared for sport injuries with a sports first aid kit. Our kits are loved by players and coaches alike as they . Whether you are playing soccer, football basketball, baseball hockey, golf or even tennis, you are susceptible to a plethora of injuries like scrapes, bumps, bruises, sprains and even lacerations. We have Coaches First Aid Responder Kit bags and coach first aid kits as well.

Trauma First Aid Kits

Shop trauma first aid kits and bags. They are packed with comprehensive essential first aid supplies you need in a medical emergency. We have general trauma medical kits as well as kits that are designed for specific disasters such as earthquakes. Our trauma kits/bags come in a handful of colors and differing sizes depending on your needs. Mass trauma emergencies are not fun but you want to always be prepared.

Travel Kits

You should always be prepared for the unlikely emergencies that can pop up while traveling, such as stomach ailments, dehydration pain, allergies or the typical bumps and bruises that can occur. Mini travel kits such as Dental Medic Kit and Travel Medic Kit can be quick and accessible for those particular ailments while kits like Adventure Medical Smart Travel Kit and World travel kit, are much more comprehensive versions, loaded with first aid supplies.

Trucker First Aid Kits

Truckers need to be prepared for an accident or roadside emergency and injury. Our Truckers First Aid Kits are a trucker's best friend when they face emergency situations. Our jam packed kits include gauze pads, tape, ointment, CPR face shield and eye care products. They are all stored in a very durable plastic case with a gasket so it can take a beating and still keep the contents dry and intact.

Ultralight / Watertight Kits

Our Ultralight/Watertight first aid kits feature the proprietary DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage. From cleaning wounds and dressing blisters to treating muscle aches, pains, and symptoms of allergic reactions, the Ultralight/Watertight. The re-sealable DryFlex™ watertight bag enables you to carry it in the outside pocket of your PFD for quick access, and it remains watertight use after use.

Unitized First Aid Kits

We carry a full line of unitized first aid kits in all shapes an sizes. From 10-unit Kits to 36-unit kits. All kits follow are ANSI comlpiant and have contents organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions by injury type. You have a choice of metal or durable plastic cases for your contents. Stay organized and feel you can find what you need in an emergency situation with our Unitized First Aid kits and refills.

Vehicle First Aid Kits

Each of these vehicle first aid kits are stocked with first aid supplies and products to help deal with any other issues such as fixing flat tires or survival materials to endure being stuck in a snowstorm. Soft sided, and hard case automobile/vehicle first aid kits designed to fit in spaces in any vehicle. We carry Urgent First Aid, AAA, First Aid Only, and Mayday, so you know the first aid kits and road emergency paks are top of their class and comprehensive in their supply choices.

Welder First Aid Kits

Our Welders First Aid Kit is suited for the big time industrial settings that welders work in and have the supplies to deal with the burns, welder's arc, other eye irritations sprains and minor cuts that a hard working welder may encounter on the job. All the products are contained in a hardcore durable plastic box with a gasket so all the contents are protected from the elements. Industrial strength workers deserve industrial strength care.

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