SmartTab™ Refills

The Refills are the key to the OSHA SmartCompliance. Not only registering your cabinet gets you into one of the top and unique First Aid Refill programs, but it guarantees that you will be OSHA and ANSI First Aid Compliant. When you see the Yellow indicator tab then you can just fill out a quick form of what products you need and you are set! What's fantastic about this program is that if any of the OSHA regulations change or are updated for your industry, a new product will be made available to be sure you stay in compliance. It does not have to be a pain to stay OSHA Compliant. SmartCompliance and SmartTab EzRefill system are your fast and easy answers to compliancy.

How is the SmartTab Refill system better than traditional stocking methods? Simplicity. The SmartTab ezRefill System’s yellow and black reminder tabs let you know when it’s time to reorder what you need. No more guessing. Cost. The SmartTab ezRefill System has very low overhead, so the savings can be passed onto you For consumers, this means lower costs for items that are made to fit the kit you have. For businesses, this means a savings of up to 30% off traditional van services and contractual obligations. Convenience. The SmartTab ezRefill System gives you reorder information at the right time. No more grabbing for a supply and discovering you no longer have it in your kit, or being overstocked on supplies you don’t need. 

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