Health/Medical Education

The only way to learn is practice and the only way to practicing nursing and medical skills is to have the best equipment, manikins and simulators available. We offer top of the line medical manikins, trauma and life support simulators, birthing simulators, and a whole slew of other Nursing skill simulation products that are useful to both teach and learn from. To learn the art of Venipuncture, advanced airway management and even Auscultation, you must be able to practice on life-like manikins and simulators to be able to fully learn the skill which is what we will see with all of our products. Learn with only the best products!

Simulation has a well-known history in the military, nuclear power, and aviation. Simulation has become much more integrated into a Nurse's education in the past 20 years. It has helped immensely to enhance a nurse's ability to learn and use practiced nursing skills much more efficiently. Simulators have not only helped aspiring students in the medical field but have also been able to enhance current members of the medical community to hone their skills and become even more proficient.


We offer a slew of anatomical models, torsos and simulators to hopefully make this much easier to comprehend with hands on experience. Our anatomical teaching and learning aids are for students of all ages and all levels. We offer everything from birthing simulators and simulators of women just about to give birth, to fully muscleized torsos, and fracture imaging simulators. You cannot beat life-size & lifelike teaching and learning!

Blood Pressure

Learning to take someone's blood pressure may seem remedial but it is a very important task to determines what ails a patient. We offer some of the most reliable, durable and technologically advanced simulators to help lean this skill - from blood pressure arm simulators & blood pressure kits, to deluxe blood pressure systems with speakers. We want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date technology and quality of learning devices on the market.

Breast Self-Exam

Doing periodic self exams of one's breasts can increase your chance to spot cancer early. Learning the proper techniques is just as important as the actual exam. Our Breast Exam Simulators are some of the best on the market and provide exceptional realism for teaching and learning the proper breast palpation techniques. These excellent models are for hospitals and medical clinics to use in teaching women the proper techniques of breast examination.

Emergency Life Support

Using life-like Emergency Life Support Simulators and Rescue manikins, can help guide these students to become well-prepared for any type of basic emergency situation to come their way. Our line of Emergency Life Support products cover the gamut of training products. Whether you are looking for airway management trainers (like Airway Larry) or total CPR life support kits that can turn a manikin into a comprehensive PALS trainer, we have you covered. Whether adult child, or infant, we have emergency life support trainers for all.

Heart and Lung Sounds

To listen to the major organs such as heart, lungs and gastrointestinal system you need good equipment and very in-tune listening skills. We offer an abundance of high quality auscultation simulators for instructors to train a group, small or large, to identify the most basic heart and lung conditions. We even have Auscultation Practice boards, where when coupled with different devices such as Smartscopes, trainers and remotes, can be built into a Complete Auscultation Training Station.


Whether to draw blood, start an IV, or place a catheter, one must perform with precision. We have all types of kits, supplies and simulators to either teach or be taught in these techniques and help students overcome their fear of placing a needle. From trusted brands like Simulaids, Nasco and Life/Form, these products are high quality and lifelike so you know you will be teaching or learning with the best equipment possible!

Nursing Skills

We offer lifelike nursing skill simulators and manikins that raise the bar for teaching and learning the skills that someone in the medical field will need to use on a daily basis. Our real-life simulators and manikins are created and developed to be as realistic as possible to teach advanced skills such as ostomy care, female/male catheterization, arm sutures, leg sutures, geriatric and pediatric care or even to lower stump bandaging simulators.

Nursing Skills Manikins

We have a full line of First Aid Nursing Skill manikins, for nurses, caregivers and even doctors, from Nasco, Lifeform, Simulaids, and more. These include Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric versions. With these manikins students will be able to practice in realtime with procedures such as Spinal Injection, Ostomy, Tracheotomy and Catheterization, and much more. Auscultation manikins and full body infant simulators are available to use to hone one's skills. Practice makes perfect in the medical world, and we have the products to make that happen.


OB/GYN knowledge is unique and hands on training and learning is a must in that field. We have a line of OB/GYN and Birth Simulators from our Total Childbirth Education Station and Pregnant Woman Model, to our Pelvic Examination Simulators, Palpation Modules, and our popular NOELLE Birthing torso. Each of our simulators and manikins provide a teacher or student lifelike feels and features that are needed to truly learn any of the obstetric or gynecological techniques.

Testicular Self-Exam

Doing periodic self exams of one's testicles can increase the chances of spotting testicular cancer early. Learning the proper techniques to do this as a nurse or caregiver or even doing the exam at home is almost as important as the actual exam. Our Testicular Exam Simulators are one of the best on the market and provide exceptional realism for teaching and learning the proper testicular examination techniques. This is an excellent model for hospitals and medical clinics to use in teaching men the proper techniques of examining their testicles.

Trauma, Casualty & Moulage

The goal of a majority of first responder and EMT training is being able to replicate a real life trauma condition. Having not only lifelike mannequins to use to diagnose problems an/or preforming CPR but also to be able to perform and replicate real life injuries, blood, cuts and bruises with what is called "moulage." Being able to place mock wounds and injuries for training purposes gives a trainee the sense of what they will first encounter when they come across an accident victim. For this, we not only have fully stocked moulage kits but also full body trauma victim manikins to use with the moulage kits. Being able to create a bloody accident or crime scene that can turn your stomach, is the ultimate goal for full realism during instruction.


We offer a line of venipuncture kits and supplies to assist instructors in teaching venipuncture skills and students in learning these skills. With everything from an Arterial Puncture Arm, Simulated Blood, and a Central Venous Cannulation Simulator to a Heart Catheterization Simulator, Intradermal Injection Simulator and the very popular FAST1 Trainer and FAST1 Training Kit. If it takes a needle, we probably have a simulator or a simulator kit for it. Have the best equipment available and be prepared!

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