Heavy Woven Bandages

Sometimes you need a bandage that is strong, durable, and provides protection from water, dirt, and grease yet also needs to be flexible and allow skin to breathe to promote healing. Our Heavy Woven Bandages do just that. They are made of an ultra tough and durable material and are water/grease resistant, yet still flexible so you don't feel constricted. Not sticking to the wound yet having maximum protection from infection make these the perfect bandages for construction work, extreme sports, yard work, camping, and more!

Flexible fabric bandages are great for those who are fairly active and do not want to have a constrictive bandage. If you need to take that a step further, you definitely want to consider using a Heavy Woven type. This includes anyone who works with heavy machinery like at a construction site, a gardener, a bmx racer, or even a hardcore outdoorsman. What these all have in common besides needing to have the flexibility to move around even with a minor cut or scrape, is the presence of dirt, grease, bacteria etc. The durable material of most Heavy Woven bandages have a water resistant attribute which allows the wound to stay covered yet breath and still keeps out dirt and infection-causing germs while being flexible enough to allow the user to keep on keeping on!

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