CPR & First Aid Training Products

Learning and teaching CPR and First Aid can be one of life's most fulfilling activities and also one of life's most important skills. We want to make sure, whether you are an instructor or someone learning CPR or First Aid for the first time, you have the most up to date information and instruction that you can have. From instructional videos covering CPR, First Aid and AED's to Student First Aid/CPR/AED Training Packs, and educational hands-on games, learning to save someone's life has never been so important, fun and fulfilling.

It has been said that approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. If someone can't attend a training course with a live instructor of CPR, First Aid or AED Training, watching one of our in depth instructional videos on these subjects is the next best thing. For a majority of the population, reading it out of a book just doesn't cut it so why not purchase one of our videos, or hands-on educational games to learn how to save some's life?

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