SmartTab™ Outdoor Product Refills

Whether you are camping, hiking, bike riding or just taking a leisurely stroll into the wilderness, it's always nice to have emergency gear that is light and can come in handy in a pinch. Our SmartTab Outdoor products are just that. With products such as Emergency Solar Blankets and Insect Sting relief, you know the Smart Tab items are useful, reliable and you will always know when it's time to refill. With our SmartTab Outdoor Products, you can always be safe from the elements, sooth and relieve your insect bites and much more!

The Emergency Solar Blankets were initially developed for use by astronauts. The compact size of this product allows you to keep one in your glove box, backpack, purse, desk at work - just about anywhere! Not only will this Emergency Blanket provide protection from rain, cold and wind, it can be used to collect rainwater, repel water off sleeping bags and also provide shade from the sun. You should keep something like this not only in your Smartcompliance First Aid Kit but also anywhere else that it may come in handy!

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