Trauma / Combine Pads

During a large wound/laceration emergency, you want to make sure you have something that not only stops the bleeding but also is highly absorbent. Our top-of-the-line Trauma/Combine Pads are perfect for this type of situation. All of our pads are highly absorbent, have multiple ply padding and protection, and are leak resistant for prime performance during a traumatic bleeding event.

Sometimes regular sized Non-Adherent Pads are just not enough to treat heavier draining wounds. That’s where the Trauma/Combine pads come into play. They are designed for high absorbency for "weeping" wounds and other heavy fluid draining open wounds. The high absorbency and fluffy inner liner that disperses the liquid are very useful especially during intense trauma situations such as the battlefield. On top of that, many have sealed edges to prevent leakage and keep out bacteria and dirt.

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