SmartTab™ Miscellaneous Refills

Check out our SmartTab Refill Miscellauous Products. Don’t let the term "miscellaneous" fool you as all of these products are top notch just as you would expect supplies in our Smartcompliance First Aid Cabinet or Kits to be. These products are great as stand alone products or as complementary products with the rest of your First Aid Kit. From tweezers, scissors, gloves and pads, to finger cots, emergency blankets and our Urgent First Aid Guide Book (don't leave home without it!) As with our other Smart Tab Items, the process for notification and refills is super easy so you can have piece of mind that you will also be up-to-date on all of your first aid supplies.

One of the most popular Miscellaneous Refill products are the Bandage Protectant/Finger Cots. These get heavy use in the Food Service industries as they are used to protect injured fingers for food service and processing. The flexible cots cover bandages and other dressings on fingers to keep dirt and moisture out. They protect cuts, burns and blisters from moisture and dirt. Ideal for hard to bandage finger tips. They should always have a spot, even if you do not work with food, in your First Aid Kit! 

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