CRiSis Manikins

One of the more advanced, helpful and lifelike manikin lines we offer is the Crisis line of manikins that include compete Resuscitation systems, multiple different scenarios, to help instructors ands students get the most out of life-like situations as possible. Whether it is a child, infant or adult version of the manikins, they all include some type of full or near full resuscitation system to learn from and to use to learn different scenarios that may occur during an emergency situation. Plus there are other extra features depending on which manikin you have. This includes airway management, IV arm, brachial pulse arm, IV leg, interosseous infusion leg, and infant chest skin with umbilicus and many more procedures that can be practiced on these full featured manikins.

One of our more full featured and complete CRiSis brand manikins are the Adult CRiSis manikins. These are complete resuscitation systems with five stations allowing you to practice different scenarios. Each manikin consists of a full body CPR manikin, IV Arm, Blood Pressure Arm, Defibrillation Chest Skin, and features the Airway Larry Airway Management Head. Ideal for ACLS, paramedic, EMT, and nursing training at every level. Modular components allow you to create a manikin to suit your needs.

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