Burn Gels and Sprays

Sometimes its nice to carry something around that is portable yet powerful when it comes time to use it. Our burn gels, sprays and creams come in small convenient and compact sizes that are easy to take with you wherever you go and are ready to use at anytime from sunburns and windburn and to minor scalds. Each type can soothe and promote fast healing.

HOW TO PREVENT A BURN FORM SCARRING? Scars are your body's response to trauma, and they're a by-product of your body's healing process. They're made mostly from the protein collagen, which is found in second layer of your skin (or dermis). Your body uses collagen, after a burn, as a way for repairing your tissues. To minimize scarring, you'll need to take care of your body while your injury is healing as well as afterward. First, be sure to keep the damaged area covered with a bandage, and keep the wound moist and bacteria-free. Also, for more serious burns, consider wearing a pressure garment. Your skin contains three layers; the fibers of the second layer form a mesh-like structure that pushes against the top layer. With badly burned skin, the layers are not balanced, therefore, scars can form. Getting the balance restored is a key to this process. Topical treatments are commonly used to try to prevent scars from appearing. Aloe, for instance, is often used to soothe the burn and smooth the skin. Applying it a few times daily might help the healing process. You might also try applying calendula topically.

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