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Just like other top-of-the-line, high quality AED's, HeartSine offers a full range of AED accessories to complement the HeartSine samaritan® PAD. From Pad-Paks, and Carrying Cases to EVO Data Management, we have you covered!

DID YOU KNOW? Under the medical direction of Dr. Frank Pantridge and Dr. Geddes, the Royal Victoria Hospital-Belfast (RVH) launched a mobile coronary care unit which utilized a portable defibrillator. At 110 pounds, the complete apparatus was difficult to move and cumbersome to operate. However, significant improvements to outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest patients were observed and the world’s first Mobile Coronary Care unit was born. Management of heart attacks outside the hospital were now possible. It became obvious, however, that lightweight, battery-operated defibrillators were urgently required if mobile coronary care was to become more widespread.

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