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Reliable CPR product information is hard to come by online. That's why American CPR Training™ is constantly developing news and informational articles regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Let us help you learn CPR and prepare you with the most up to date standards, practices, products and devices from some of the leading experts in America. Always be prepared to save a life! We also provide you with updates on where to find top of the line CPR products at great prices including items like CPR training manikins, CPR faceshields, CPR kits, CPR masks & barriers, and much more!

  1. Learn how to save 2 lives during 1 CPR Rescue
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    Learn how to save 2 lives during 1 CPR Rescue

    How do you save 2 lives with 1 CPR rescue? Protect the Rescuer! The decision to perform lifesaving CPR sometimes comes down to whether or not the rescuer feels safe doing so… Is a life worth an investment of 84¢ - $2.25? We think so! Invest in lifesaving readiness today Perfect for home, car, bag, desk, first aid kit, anywhere...
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    The Original Prestan Manikins are GOING AWAY!

    img { max-width: 98%; } The Original Prestan Manikins are GOING AWAY! BIG NEWS! After a hugely successful 10 years on the market, Prestan is retiring their flagship item from the product line – the Light Skin Manikin! While replacement skin overlays and faces will still be available, the Light Skin Manikin in of itself will soon be no more...
  3. CPR Mask Demand Escalates
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    CPR Mask Demand Escalates

    American CPR Training® has had to double its CPR Keychain production in response to overwhelming new demand. “Many of our customers and instructors were holding off on purchasing CPR masks and keychains,” explains American CPR’s Melissa Estrada, “as they were concerned that the new CPR guidelines would change to strictly ‘compression only’ CPR.” This was not the case, and CPR...
  4. We ?? You!
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    We ?? You!

    The symbol for Valentine's Day is a heart - and we're all about hearts! We've been sharing our CPR Training & AED Training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™ for almost a quarter century now - so you know we know hearts!
  5. A last minute gift idea - LIFE
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    A last minute gift idea - LIFE

    Can't think of what to give your friends, family, coworkers? Teach them CPR! You can schedule a CPR class at your location, or get a CPR Home Learning System! Even Santa knows there's no better gift than life.
  6. Heart Health
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    Heart Health

    Heart disease and stroke cost America nearly $1 billion a day in medical costs and lost productivity. Explore CDC’s work to protect Americans' heart health, a strategy that can boost employers’ profitability and workers' well-being. CDC PROTECTS AMERICA’S HEART HEALTH—FOR BUSINESSES AND EMPLOYEES Heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing America’s employers today...
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    CPR Saves Lives, But Only When Performed

    CPR is Easy - CPR Saves Lives - CPR is NOT what you saw on Baywatch. Learn CPR now. There are many ways: Join a Community CPR Class Schedule a Group CPR Training at your work, home or Community Gathering Place. Get a CPR Home Learning Kit Sudden Cardiac Arrest can lead to death in 4-6 minutes... step in, be...

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