OSHA Smart Compliance Program

Do you want to have peace of mind and keep your employees safe? You can do this by registering your cabinet with the OSHA SmartCompliance & Refill Program. This makes it fast and easy to get more refills by just filling out a quick form. What's fantastic about this program is that if any of the OSHA regulations change or are updated for your industry, a new product will be made available to be sure you stay in compliance. It does not have to be a pain to stay OSHA Compliant. SmartCompliance and SmartTab EzRefill system are you fast and easy answers to compliance.

DID YOU KNOW? Now the OSHA Smart Compliance First Aid Cabinets & Refill program are "Doctor Recommended." The SmartCompliance Cabinets and refill programs are actually physician recommended as "appropriate for businesses and restaurants." They now specially comply with Federal OSHA 1910.151, ANSI Z308-1-2009. What's fantastic is that you may request a physician's recommendation letter with your order and we will enclose a copy for your records.

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