Canine & Feline CPR

Learning CPR is a life saving skill to save a human being. Did you know you can also learn CPR to save your dog or cat or other family pets? We have canine/feline mainkins and videos to help you do just that: Save a family pet. These mainkins are made of the same durable high quality material that all of our other mainkins are made out of and you do not have to worry about anything wearing out. We also have informational videos that are a helpful form of instruction for learning canine and feline CPR Skills.

CasPeR the CPR Dog mainkin - One of our top sellers, this small animal trainer incorporates all the applicable features for teaching basic dog CPR to pet owners. The anatomy features a full body molded in the appropriate position in which to give CPR: nares, retractable tongue, moveable jaw, sanitary replaceable airway, foam-filled body for chest compression resistance, and a femoral pulse. What makes this item a top of the line seller is veterinarians review the mainkin along the development way to put in their own insights and how to make a more realistic canine mainkin to teach with properly.

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