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Philips wants to make sure that you learn how to use their defibrillators so they have created AED Trainers that mimic the features of your particular AED so you are able to learn with as much realism as possible. We offer Philips line of AED Trainers that are mimic some of their most popular models such as the Heartstart Onsite, Heartstart FR2+ and Heartstart FRx among others.

DID YOU KNOW? While the Heartstart AED Trainer 2 is a fantastic teaching tool for learning how to use the Heartstart FR2+. There is also one complete training solution available: the all-in-one AED Little Anne Training System, which gives responders added realism and even more refined skills. In addition to the Heartstart AED Trainer 2, quick reference card, user guide, and carrying case, this total training solution also includes the remote control, special training pads and a Laerdal AED Little Anne training manikin. The Heartstart AED Trainer 2, AED Little Anne manikin, and special training pads work together to provide students with feedback on the quality of their pad placement.