Emergency Life Support

It is importance that every physician, nurse and medical student have basic knowledge of emergency care and the skills to manage common emergencies. Using life-like Emergency Life Support Simulators and Rescue manikins, can help guide these students to become well-prepared for any type of basic emergency situation to come their way. Our line of Emergency Life Support products cover the gamut of training products. Whether you are looking for airway management trainers (like Airway Larry) or total CPR life support kits that can turn a manikin into a comprehensive PALS trainer, we have you covered. Whether adult child, or infant, we have emergency life support trainers for all!

Why use Simulation to learn common emergency skills? Fast and structured patient management is crucial for the outcome of painfully ill and injured patients. We all have the right to expect physicians to possess the basic knowledge and skills to manage common emergencies. All students graduating from medical school should be capable of handling emergencies, as they are generally the first on scene as residents. One method to teach practical skills is through simulation. Simulation has been used to increase knowledge, to provide opportunities for deliberate and safe practice, and to shape the development of clinical skills in diverse specialties and for various skills.

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