Bandages & First Aid

This is your one stop shop for stocking your first aid cabinet with bandages, burn products, antiseptics/ointments, medicinals, and antiseptic/disinfectant wipes. We also have everything you need to be OSHA compliant. You won't find a better selection anywhere else! We have everything from bandages to first aid cabinets, burn care products, and eye safety. Do you or anyone you know play sports or like to camp? We have top-of-the-line sports first aid kits. We also have supplies for hiking, swimming, climbing, or any other outdoor activity. If it hurts, aches, itches or needs a bandage, we can help you.

DID YOU KNOW? Although many think that bandages are used to stop bleeding or infection, they’re actually used to hold a dressing in place. Typical "bandages" as we think of them, (like Band-Aid™ or our plastic/fabric bandages) are really a small bit of dressing attached with a small piece of bandage to put over the top of a separate piece of sterile dressing. This is important to note, because if you simply put a bandage over a wound without dressing, the wound will continue to bleed and runs the risk of becoming infected. Never put a bandage directly over a wound.

Antiseptics & Ointments

Find everything you'll need for infection prevention, disinfecting, minor itches, pain relief, and overall wound care treatment. If it’s a topical first aid treatment you're looking for, we have it - from healing sprays, lotions, single antibiotic ointments, & triple antibiotic ointments, to antiseptic wipes and insect sting relief.

Bandages / Wound Care

We carry all types of bandages that can cover every use imaginable. These include the simple fabric bandages and plastic bandages for knees, elbows, knuckles, and fingers, to gauze bandage rolls that aid in protecting bigger injuries and finally, butterfly wound closures and pressure bandages to stop bleeding from cuts. When the wound is kept protected with any of these bandage choices, the process of healing can begin, which is what we all want!

Bloodborne Pathogen Products

To limit you and your co-workers from potentially infectious materials we have bloodborne protection and personal protection kits plus protection products to guard you from harmful and infectious materials. We all types of antimicrobial wipes, germicidal wipes, disinfectants & Deodorizers, and PPE product that you can dream of. We are here to block and protect you from any infectious material or critter that is out there and to make sure you keep safe at home or in your work place.

Burn Care

Being prepared to treat a victim of a burn, can save a person a great amount of pain, suffering and permanent damage. We have a full line of burn treatment and prevention items that can cover every instance of a burn. From fully supplied emergency burn kits for your house, for food service or your place of employment, to fire blankets / wraps, burn gel & sprays, burn dressings, or anything else you can think of that can be used in this type of an emergency.

Cold & Hot Products

We offer a plethora of ice packs / cold compresses, reusable cold / heat packs, even kid-themed ice packs that can be used as instant treatment and relief for the aches and pains of joints muscles and ligaments. For the folks who do not like the cold or to use as an emergency precaution, we also offer body warmers for your feet, hands and other parts of your body to warm you up when you are exposed to the below freezing elements.

CPR Products

Be prepared with the most up to date CPR information and devices with our line of CPR Products. We carry CPR masks & barriers which are a must-have life saving and personal protection item that every rescuer needs. We have fully stocked CPR kits, mini CPR keychains (stocked with a CPR faceshield, four exam quality gloves and one personal antimicrobial wipe, this item may be small in stature but carries a big punch in an emergency), oxygen supply units, and training materials & videos, we have you covered. Always be prepared to save a life!

Eye Care

Whether working, playing or driving, eye care is a top priority. We have what you need to treat and protect your eyes as well as to help in minor or major ocular emergencies. We have everything from eye drops, eye care kits, dressing packets, & cleaners, 4 oz. eye wash, 8 oz. eye wash, 16 oz. eye wash, 32 oz. eye wash, eye wash stations, and protective eyewear. All of our products are of the highest quality from top notch brands. Your eyes are too important for anything less.


We offer a full range of medicinal tablets that can treat or relieve most minor maladies that you can have. We have tablet medication for Cold and Cough, Antacids, Back Relief, Motion Sickness, Electrolytes, Pain Relievers and much more. Shop a wide variety of tablets to treat an assortment of conditions, fitting in unitized and bulk boxes, which are ideal for medicine cabinets, first aid kits, and the like. Each dosage is individually packaged, which provides a convenient way to be prepared at all times as the packets can be easily placed in a purse or briefcase.

Misc. First Aid Supplies

From scissors, thermometers and safety pins, to splints, braces, cotton tip applicators we have what you are looking for in Miscellaneous First Aid Supplies. Shop for first aid kit accessories, such as a first aid guide or which is just as perfect to add to your First Aid Aid Kits. From medical gloves, tweezers & forceps to our first aid signs (though which don't go into a first aid kit but are just important to the First Aid and emergency cause) we have any type of first aid supply you can think of.

Outdoor Protection/Preparedness

We want to make sure you are fully prepared no matter what outdoor activity you are doing, in case danger, emergency, disaster or just plain annoyance strikes. Fully Outdoor Survival / First Aid Kits, body warmers, emergency blankets, multifunction flashlights and other gadgets and multifunction tools are just a few items to help you be prepared to fully function, not just in emergency situations but also just for fun or while you are relaxing at a campsite.

Personal Protection

Shop for protection from germs, bacteria, microbes, and all other types of microorganisms plus protection against things that include "house" bugs such as bodily fluid or blood. We have products to help protect you from these "bugs," whether airborne, in blood or just about anywhere else these critters can live such as skin or other surfaces. This includes our fully stocked BBP kits to protect or treat against the accidental contact with contaminants in bodily fluid or blood, and our PPE kits that protect generally against airborne contaminants. Sansizide for accidental fluid spill cleanup, Packit and p.a.w.s for cleaning and disinfecting areas with germs and bacteria plus many other items that provide protection from contact with all types of pathogens!

Sports First Aid & Medicine

Our Sport First Aid kits, bags and supplies are some of the most popular and trusted brands out on the market. We have fully stocked Coaches First Aid Kits and Team Sports First Aid Kits and supplies from First Aid Only and Lifeline. You add in some top quality ice compresses from Urgent First Aid and sport themed bandages from Sports Shield and you and your team are set to treat sprains, strains, scrapes, bumps and bruises!

Unitized Refills

We have a full line of unitized first aid items for replacement or for individual sale. Everything thing from unitized bandages, CPR products and BBP products, to eye care, ammonia inhalants, cold packs, burn care and much more. What makes refilling a snap is the color coded boxes fit neatly into your first aid stations and unitized kits plus there are notifications when you are getting low on an item - letting you know its time to refill. Never run out of an item!

Wraps and Tapes

Wraps and tape are one of the most versatile products you can have in your first aid kit. First aid wraps and tapes have a wide range of uses including securing bandages, providing compression to fractures or deep wounds, supporting sprains and splints, and keeping water and germs out. Shop everything from athletic tape, elastic adhesive tapes, elastic bandages, self adherent bandages, 3 cut tape, and more. If it tapes and supports we have it!

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