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½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™

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CPR Training, AED Courses, First Aid Classes and 100's of other OSHA Safety Training Topics

Train in an accelerated format at your location (training at work, home, you name it - we come to you!) using the knowledge of the industry's leading professionals, presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Our most current OSHA, ECC/ILCOR and other National regulations, yet still saving time and money by cutting out unnecessary breaks and video time. First Aid Training, CPR Courses , AED, BBP + 100 other safety topics!

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Save a Life A.C.T. Now!™

American CPR Training™... Be sure to try our On-Line Price Quote Form for group training at your facility...CPR, First Aid, AED, BBP, Forklift & OSHA Safety Classes.

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American CPR Training™ offers many OSHA Compliance Safety Training classes, courses, and programs...

American CPR Training™ ~ America's Favorite CPR, AED & First Aid Training™ is more than just the Leader in Safety Training throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico...
American CPR Training is ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™
American CPR Training™ also offers all aspects of Environmental Health & Safety consulting, training, products, management, and services.

Among the services we offer are:
OSHA Forklift Safety Training, Train the Trainer, and Do-it-Yourself Industrial Lift Truck Training and Compliance Packages
First Aid Kits, First Aid Courses, First Aid Refills & First Aid Programs
CPR Videos and DVDs, First Aid VHS or DVD - even Spanish CPR, First Aid & AED Videos: Starting at $49
• Emergency Response Team Training, Emergency Response Supplies & Response Team Development
• OSHA Illness & Injury Prevention Programs, OSHA Training DVDs Software, and Packages
• Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Training

In the News

The importance of knowing how to do CPR and use an AED

Public Health Matters Blog Heart attack numbers are staggering. About 350,000 people have a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital each year, and about 9 in 10 of them die. Find CPR training and AED Training classes for your group anywhere in the US, Canada, or Mexico. Also, read more about the importance of knowing how to properly administer CPR and use an AED. Prep Your Health - Practical Skills Click here for CPR training classes for your group anywhere in the US It's important to practice self-help and life-saving skills/lessons. Practice every day to prepare and protect your health and the health of others. Learn more about how to stay up to date and practice skills. Education at Your Fingertips Learn how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation! American CPR Training™ offers live, onsite, Socially Distanced First Aid, CPR, and over 100 OSHA Safety Training classes. Access additional resources for CPR, including the study behind the training, videos, printable resources, social media assets, and more. Continue reading

COVID-19 Safety and Prevention in the Workplace Training Program

.see-all { font-size: 30px; } @media only screen and (max-width: 414px) { .see-all { font-size: 2em; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 380px) { .see-all { font-size: 1.5em; } } Some Businesses are REQUIRED to offer this training... ...All businesses SHOULD offer this training to protect their workers and their workplace The American EHS COVID-19 Safety & Prevention in the Workplace Safety Training Program provides a brief timeline & insight into the origin and spread of the Human Coronavirus Pandemic in the USA, as well as required training and safe guidelines for both businesses and employees in the workplace with COVID-19 exposure concerns. This program covers: Introduction to Human Coronavirus & Pandemic Recognizing COVID-19 Symptoms & Implementing Screening Following Personal Hygiene Protocols Using Masks and Personal Protective Equipment Social Distancing Company-Wide Health & Safety Culture Materials are included for Safety Training recordkeeping See full COVID-19 Safety Training Product Details & Order Online See All COVID-19 Supplies Continue reading

COVID-19 Read the Latest from Public Health Officials & Agencies

COVID-19 As a health and safety training organization, amid ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 Our instructors, clients, employees, and their families are of our biggest concern. We are closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from public health officials and government agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). If you would like additional information about COVID-19, we recommend you visit the CDC website at cdc.gov or your local health department website. For safety and to prevent spread of respiratory disease we are asking all our American CPR Training™ Affiliate Instructors to follow precautionary practices and are recommending that our employees, clients and their staff do the same: Wash hands often with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds – have fun timing it by humming or singing a refrain of "Stayin' Alive," by The Bee Gees (also a favorite song for performing CPR!) Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth. (The average person touches their face 15-23 times per hour without even realizing it!) Cover cough or sneeze using a bent elbow - not hand. Use hand sanitizer gel if soap and water is unavailable. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. If you sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue, throw it in the trash, and wash your hands. Consider using a paper towel or tissue to open common area doors, wherever possible. If you do not feel well please stay home. * An additional special recommendation for American CPR Training™ Instructors: When training, it is still very important to include the 2 breaths when teaching regular C.A.R.E™ CPR, but during what has now been announced as a worldwide pandemic by WHO, we recommend you have the students “speak” the breath part during the hands-on training rather than actually breathing onto the manikin - even with the breathing barrier American CPR Training™ provides for every student in our student packs. Every course with American CPR™ also, of course, covers Compression Only CPR™ for students unwilling or unable to perform full CPR. Also - remember to regularly sterilize and wipe down your manikins and AED trainers with disinfecting wipes after every class. We all need to do our part in order to avoid spreading this disease, and to avoid fear and uncertainty by taking intelligent precautions. We trust that you are all taking good care of yourselves and those around you and in your community. As a public service organization we take our responsibility to remain open seriously. You can still reach us during normal business hours via phone or email. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been directly impacted by this situation. Continue reading


Love This! Hearts are our business, and to show you that you are dear to ours, we’re offering you 14% off site-wide* through Valentine’s Day! You will love these deals at first sight – caring gifts, first aid and CPR needs, even the items you desire to keep your cherished ones safe in a disaster! All at an extra 14% off our already discounted prices – even 14% additional off clearance and sale items! Just enter code “SweetDeal” in your shopping cart or at checkout for the extra discount! Three of Our Most Beloved Items Make sure your loved ones are safe at home, work, school, in the car… anywhere! Our best-selling first aid kit is just $22.49 before the additional 14% discount code! View Product These may not be the key to their hearts, but our CPR keychain backpacks with mask & gloves will protect everyone you love for $3.49 or less before the additional 14% discount code! View Product For you singles… here’s a pair! Get our award winning CPR DVD free with purchase of our amazing First Aid DVD. Just $99 for BOTH before the additional 14% discount code! View Product Or see ALL our treasured offers CPR Products Always be prepared to save a life! Let us help you learn CPR and prepare you with the most up to date products and devices from our CPR line: CPR Training Manikins, CPR & First Aid Training Products, CPR Faceshields, CPR Keychains, CPR Masks & Barriers, CPR Kits, Oxygen Units, Stretchers. More Details Disaster, Survival, Preparation Here you will find high quality, long-lasting, American Red Cross & C.E.R.T recommended supplies such as Emergency Survival Kits, Food and Water, Shelter and Sleeping, Communication, Tools, Lighting & Heating, C.E.R.T. Products, American Red Cross Items, Triage Kits and ICS Supplies, Hygiene and Sanitation, Automotive, Empty Storage, Search and Rescue, Pet Emergency Survival, Evacuation and Fire, Disaster-Survival Books & Videos, Safety Vests, First Aid & Trauma Supplies. More Details First Aid Kits Shop all first aid kits for any purpose including Red Cross Kits, ANSI First Aid Kits, BBP Kits, Boat Kits, Contractor Kits, Trauma Responder Kits, Fundraising First Aid Kits, All Purpose First Aid Kits, Children's First Aid, Mini First Aid Kits, OSHA & Bulk First Aid Kits, OSHA Guarantee Program, Outdoor First Aid Kits, Pet Emergency First Aid, Pool & Lifeguard Kits, Restaurant First Aid Kits, First Aid Bags, Sports 1st Aid, Travel Kits, Unitized First Aid Kits, Auto First Aid Kits, See all First Aid & Emergency Medical Kits. More Details First Aid Stations & Cabinets Per OSHA Regulations, all businesses and places of work need to have a first aid kit that is reasonably accessible to the entire workforce. We provide OSHA and ANSI Complaint First Aid Stations, Cabinets and Accessories with pocket liners for up to and over 200 people. Shop our First Aid Station Accessories, First Aid Stations, and OSHA Smart Compliance Program. More Details Bandages & First Aid This is your one stop shop for stocking up on Antiseptics & Ointments, Bandages / Wound Care, Bloodborne Pathogen Products, Burn Care, Cold & Hot Products, CPR Products, Eye Care, Hearing Protection, Medicinals, Misc. First Aid Supplies, Outdoor Protection/Preparedness, Personal Protection, Sports First Aid & Medicine, Unitized Refills, Wraps and Tapes. More Details Miscellaneous Supplies We've got the first aid tools and equipment you need for the contents of your first aid kit! Scissors, Tweezers, and a whole lot of items including First Aid Instruments, Splints, and Tongue Depressors. More Details Safety Books, CDs, Videos It is a must for all employers to strictly follow safety regulations set forth by OSHA and State safety laws. Part of maintaining a complaint safety environment is having an active safety program  Our American CPR Training™ Safety Videos, as well as our Student Training Materials, and live Safety Training can help you keep compliant and up to date. Shop our Safety Books, CD's and Videos. More Details Health/Medical Education The only way to learn is practicing and the only way to practice nursing and medical skills is to have the best equipment, manikins, and simulators available. Here you will find medical education products which will assist in learning/teaching Anatomy, Blood Pressure, Breast Self-Exam, Emergency Life Support, Heart and Lung Sounds, Injections, Nursing Skills, Nursing Skills Manikins, OB / GYN, Testicular Self-Exam, Trauma, Casualty & Moulage, Venipuncture. More Details AED Products With AmericanCPR.com you know we are going to carry top of the line Automated External Defibrillators (AED) brands such as Zoll, Defibtech, Physio-Control, Heartsine, and Philips. More Details SALES & SPECIAL OFFERS! Don't miss out on these great deals including: 50% OFF!, 60% OFF!, 70% OFF!, 80%+ OFF!, Clearance, CPR Sale Items, Gift Packs, Under $5, Under $10, Under $15, Under $20, While Supplies Last, and American CPR Instructor Sale. More Details *Offer expires at Midnight 2/14/20. Available Online at AmericanCPR.com or Toll Free - Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives. Offer cannot be applied to completed orders. Offer is on products only, not training services. Offer excludes Oxygen, Laerdal, Simulaids, Fundraiser, and Free Shipping products. While supplies last, offer subject to substitution or change without notice, call with questions or for further details. Continue reading

Invite us to your Holiday Party!

Planning a Holiday Party? At Work or at Home? Make us a part of your Party… Schedule a life-loving-lesson as your event entertainment! Risk for injuries and heart attack both rise dramatically during the holiday season. Sudden Cardiac Arrest increase is commonly attributed to holiday stress, as well as the consumption of richer foods and alcohol. Injuries and accidents rise due to cooking (often with many people in an unfamiliar kitchen), holiday lights and decorations, space heaters, and more. No matter what the reason - Give life this season! Whether your group is still within the 2 year certification period or not: a refresher course in CPR and First Aid is timely, makes a great gift, and could help keep everyone safe before the holidays begin! Remember that 80% of all bystander CPR is performed on loved ones! Now... if you want to give the gift of these lifesaving skills, we'll pitch in too. Not only are our CPR, First Aid & AED Classes 1/2 the Time, 1/2 the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™, but you can save even more by combining classes and, we'll add a FREE CPR KEYCHAIN MASK for every person in your group if you schedule and pay for your class in November or December 2019! Training makes a great family & friends group event, so invite employees, and their “plus-ones” - Take your Holiday down-time and turn it into a lifesaving event! (See how to get your free deal and view the CPR Keychains, or purchase some as gifts at the links below.) Ready? ...Get your quotes now! CPR Adult, Child & Infant CPR (New Guidelines - Full CPR & Compression-Only!) 2½ Hours $16.50 - $29 per student 2 Year Certification Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, CPR Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More | CPR Facts | Curriculum | Quote | AED AED Automated External Defibrillation 2½ Hours $16.50 - $29 per student 2 Year Certification Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More | Curriculum | Quote | First Aid Basic 1st Aid & Emergency Care 2 Hours $16.50 - $29 per student 2 Year Certification Includes Student Handbook, Certification Card, Reminder Pen, Student Practice Materials & More | Curriculum | Quote | How it works: Get your CPR, First Aid, or AED Quote by clicking below (or combination of any/all of these). After reviewing the super-low quote price, schedule and pay for your class with our team in December 2018 to happen at your location ANY TIME DURING 2019 & we'll add a free CPR keychain for each student. For single topics, we'll add the mini keychain and if you hold a multi-topic class, we’ll add the larger keychain with gloves! You must mention you want the “Free CPR Keychain Deal” when scheduling, as we need to include them with your materials so we can hand them out to the students on the day of the class. If you would like to purchase some for gifts or safety reminders – you may do that too – just click below. American CPR Mini CPR Keychain - American CPR Training $1.55 As low as: $0.84 View Product CPR Green Belt/KeyChain BackPack Shield-Gloves - American CPR Training $3.49 As low as: $2.70 View Product American CPR - CPR Keychain with Gloves - American CPR Training $2.25 As low as: $1.43 View Product Offer expires at Midnight 12/30/19 - Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives. Offer cannot be applied to completed orders. While supplies last, offer subject to substitution or change without notice. Call with questions or for further details. Continue reading

Learn at Home!

ACT™ is proud to be home to the first and only American Heart Association Approved "Learn at Home" CPR programs including CPR Anytime! These programs come complete with instruction DVDs, student workbook, and up to TWO Mannequins for practice and review so you can keep your skills fresh... ALL FROM ONLY $34.95!

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ACT™ now has more to offer!

CORPORATE CLIENTS: Besides our international group of affiliate instructors, we now also are proud to offer full EHS services in these, and many other communities:
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Look for 1000's of new First Aid Products in our CPR & First Aid Supply Store!

ACPR Clients

Check out our impressive list of clients... a great way to see who cares about the community, and a comfort to know your
safety service providers have served a vast number of clients, from Mom & Pop, to many Fortune 500 entities.

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NEWEST CPR Guidelines RELEASED - Read New CPR Steps Here!
& New CPR DVD Video! Watch the Online Preview & ORDER NOW!

CPR & CPR TRAINING - Classes for certification, FIRST AID & FIRST AID TRAINING Classes for certification, AED & AED TRAINING - Classes for certification, in every OSHA SAFETY TOPIC YOU COULD NEED! LEARN ABOUT THE NEW HANDS-ONLY / Compressions Only CPR - New 2015 CPR Guidelines... Other Safety Training: Accident Investigation - Adult, Child, & Infant CPR - AED (Automated External Defibrillation) - Asbestos Awareness - Back Safety - Bloodborne Pathogens - Compressed Gas Cylinders - Confined Space Entry - Crane Safety - Disaster Preparedness - DOT HAZMAT - General Awareness - DOT HAZMAT - Safety Training - Driving Safety - Electrical Safety - Emergencies in the Laboratory - Emergency Planning - Ergonomics - Eye Care and Safety - Fall Protection - Fire Prevention and Safety - First Aid - Flammables and Explosives - Forklift Safety - General Laboratory Safety - Hand and Power Tool Safety - Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety - HAZCOM - Healthcare CPR - Hearing Safety - Heat Stress - Indoor Air Quality - Industrial Ergonomics - Laboratory Glassware - Laboratory Hoods - Ladder Safety - Lockout Tag out - Materials Handling Safety - MSDS's - Office Ergonomics - Office Safety - OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training - OSHA Laboratory Standard - OSHA Lead Standards - OSHA's Formaldehyde Standard - Personal Protective Equipment - Preventing Contamination - Respiratory Safety - Rigging Safety - Right-To-Know - Chemical Hazards - Safety Audits - Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention - Safety Orientation - Safety Showers and Eye Washes - Slips, Trips and Falls - The ANSI Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Tuberculosis - VDT Safety - Welding Safety - Wellness and Fitness - Winter Safety - Workplace Stress - Workplace Violence