Elite Survival Kits

Our Elite Survival Kit are packed with the most premium survival supplies so you know you have the cream of the crop of supplies for your survival needs if need be. These kits run the gamut of supplies with food and water, as well as lighting, hygiene, shelter, warmth, first aid, and additional survival tools. With brands such as the Guardian 1 and 2 person survival kits, you know you are getting top notch quality not only in supplies but durability with the multiple pocketed backpacks that the supplies are stored in. It's very easy to grab when the time is right!

The Elite Survival Kits combine the supplies of the Basic and Deluxe Kits and add extras of all products: from more water and food supplies to adding more ways to provide shelter and warmth, higher quality multifunction tools such as sewing kits and safety goggles, and finally expanded Hygiene/Sanitation and First Aid Kits. With these expanded Elite Survival Kits, you know you are as prepared with top quality items as you can be and are ready to "get out of Dodge" at a blink of an eye if need by. Never be under prepared!

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