Blackout Survival Kits

Blackouts are scary times, no matter whether you are a kid or an adult trying to make sure to keep your kids safe during a general blackout or one caused by a natural occurrence. In case of large scale blackouts or power outages, our Guardian kits will provide you with everything you need. Containing battery-free dynamo lighting sources, you can illuminate an evacuation route or a dark house with ease.

Some tips on how to make a power outage bearable:

  • Cook your perishable foods. If the temperature rises, take anything out of the refrigerator that might spoil and prepare to cook it or consume it before it warms up. Eat perishables before spoilage can occur.
  • Have stable foods that don't require refrigeration. Those that do not require cooking are even better. Canned meats, fish, soups, vegetables, and juices will work .
  • Have a back-up method of heating food and water. A camping stove is ideal (and be sure to know how to use it safely — see warnings). A barbecue grill will work quite well, but do not bring it into the house.
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