Blood Stoppers

Bloodstoppers are one of the most important items in one's first aid kit and could make the difference in a life or death situation. Death by loss of blood (hemorrhaging) is second only to trauma injuries as the main cause of death in United States. Our bloodstopping products cover the gamut from bandage sprays and simple products for controlling superficial bleeding. HemCon, WoundSeal, and QuikClot products are used to stop bleeding in deep cuts, wounds, and lacerations - even those found on the battlefield. These are safe and effective for urgent care centers and doctor's offices as well as out in the wild where medical facilities are not close. Every moment counts!

DID YOU KNOW: WoundSeal Powder blood stopping product was created by accident by Jim Reding, Charlie Entenmann, John “Alf” Thompson, and the late James Patterson, of Biolife. They were testing the potassium iron oxyacid salt for other purposes when Patterson cut his hand and the powder came into contact with the cut. His cut was fairly deep, so he figured a trip to the emergency room was inevitable. Patterson was shocked when the powder mixed with the blood and formed an instant scab that stopped the bleeding. All that was known at the time was that the powder stopped bleeding very quickly regardless of one’s ability to clot naturally.

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