Gauze Dressing Pads

Gauze Pads are great for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. They can be used to absorb fluids and provide a semi-permeable barrier over a wound. They can also be used to apply ointments or rub cleansing fluids such as isopropyl alcohol onto a wound site or incision. We are stocked with all different sizes and amounts from unitized to bulk boxes. As always we are your one stop shop for first aid supplies!

The typical gauze found in our first aid kits is used to guard or cushion a wound, absorb fluids, and apply ointment. It usually has a loose open weave that allows the fluid to be absorbed into the fibers and away from the skin. Did you know there are a hundreds of other types of gauze pads with their own unique uses, depending on the situation. A wet gauze pad is designed to retain moisture at the site of a wound or cut. Moist wound healing was brought forth as an acceptable treatment in the 1960's. It was found that the wet conditions were more conducive to healing and regrowth than dry healing via scabbing. These pads let the fluid, which contains many immune cells, to gather to protect against foreign bodies. Wet to dry dressings may also be used to perform "mechanical debridement", which means the gauze pad pulls off the dead or infected tissue when removed. This method is inexpensive and effective. Finally there is an "impregnated" gauze pad. These pads have a substance to help the healing process such as an antiseptic. These types of gauze pads are used often on burn victims to keep the wounds clean and help fight infection.

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