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Emergency Food

Being prepared for a disaster or an emergency when you far from civilization while traveling or hiking, is of utmost importance. Besides having a good supply of water, you need to be prepared with emergency food rations to help keep up your energy while being stuck somwhere there isn't any food - and will not be for a while. It could be due to the outcome of an earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster. We have an assortment of good nutritional food bar rations from Mayday (2,400 and 3,600 and 1,200 calories), Millennium Energy bars in assorted flavors and even some emergency dog and cat food for your furry friends.

The USCG recommends a minimum of 800 calories per day for survival. This is a base number and can be effected by the size, age and weight of an individual. However these numbers are based on pure survival. Their tests were conducted on life rafts where there was no physical activity, just pure survival. In Emergency Disaster Conditions, where you are expending energy and moving around, the Coast Guard recommends having at least one 2,400 calorie food ration bar per person per day