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The American CPR Training® Story

1993. Two Guys, $300, a used 286AT computer (with an amber monitor - WooHoo!) and a thermal fax machine.

Yep - that's where it all began. We bought the "Book of Lists" from the local business journal and started calling and faxing the top companies to offer CPR Training throughout San Diego County at ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™. It caught on.

Soon these two EMTs were also offering First Aid Training. Then Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Safety Training.

Next the happy American CPR Training® clients started requesting this new corporate-style time- and cost-effective training at their locations outside San Diego, so American CPR Training® began recruiting and training other EMTs, Nurses, and Doctors to teach.

Next, American CPR Training® developed staff for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety and revamped the curriculum for the Department of Corrections.

Snowballs roll. Almost a quarter century later, American CPR Training® is the only centrally managed national certifying body where a Fortune 500 can work with one person to schedule the same training, in the same format, at the same price, in every city in the US and every continent on the planet. (Every continent except Antarctica, but we'd figure that out if any client seriously needed it!)

We haven't forgotten where we started, though... while we have thousands of American CPR Training® Affiliate Instructors worldwide, and our clients include Federal Occupational Health, the White House, and every major corporation in the USA, we still schedule the same great classes for mommy groups, local tattoo parlors, and mom & pop businesses every day.

Get a Quote for Onsite Safety Training at your location, or find a community class if you are an individual looking to learn these critical lifesaving skills Today - we've now certified 1 out of every 2,000 Americans, and we'd like to help make sure everyone learns these skills!

Save a Life - A.C.T. Now!™ American CPR Training®