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Getting caught out in a torrential rain storm or blizzard without cover or protection is not fun for your feet nor rest of your body. Make sure you always have protective rain and outdoor wear available for these situations. We have everything from heavy duty rain gear and an American Red Cross Weather emergency pack to a whole slew of emergency rain ponchos in all sizes and many colors. The Ponchos are both compact and durable and can snap to give you extra protection from the elements. Being wet and cold is no fun. Make sure you don't have to experience that. Be prepared!

The poncho has been around for centuries but the regular use of rain ponchos came after the Civil War when the US Army issued ponchos of waterproof rubberized canvas to its forces during the Spanish-American War of 1898. It was preferred over the raincoat for its ability to keep both the wearer and his pack dry, as well as serving as a roof for a makeshift shelter. 

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