Nothing can grab attention like the high shrill of a whistle. Normally, you would hear these during sporting events or other type of group events. Though it can be annoying, when used to call for help, or alert the authorities, you are glad it is obnoxious sounding. We have a whole line of whistles, from your typical metal and plastic whistles with lanyards to a handful of "survival whistles." The survival whistles include items like matches, mirrors and even fire starters.

One of the best all-around survival whistles is the SOL SLIM Rescue Howler. It weighs only a few grams but it packs a big punch - namely, a 100dB signal that is audible from over a mile away. The pea-less design means this whistle works in all conditions and will never jam or freeze. Perfect when you go out hiking or camping in below freezing temperatures. You know, if worse came to worse, the whistle would still work!

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