CPR Products

It's exciting to know that you know you can save someone's life by just learning a skill. Let us help you learn CPR and prepare you with the most up to date products and devices from our CPR line. From disposable CPR masks, barriers and fully stocked CPR kits, to mini CPR backpacks, training materials and videos, we have you covered. Always be prepared to save a life!

DID YOU KNOW? In 1981, A program to provide telephone instructions in CPR began in King County, Washington. The program used emergency dispatchers to give instant directions while the fire department and EMT personnel were en route to the scene. Dispatcher-assisted CPR is now standard care for dispatcher centers throughout the United States.

CPR Training Manikins

Looking for durable, sanitary and high quality CPR manikins, supplies and accessories? We have brands from Prestan, Basic Buddy, Laerdal, and Lifeform to the always popular Simulaids, CPR Prompt, CRiSis and many more. We even have manikins that also double as BLS manikins. They are easy to keep clean and sterile, so that they are always ready to use, and with dozens of accessories and replacement parts available, we make sure that you have access to everything to keep your manikins working at top condition!

CPR & First Aid Training Products

Learning and teaching CPR and First Aid can be one of life's most fulfilling activities and also one of life's most important skills. We want to make sure, whether you are an instructor or someone learning CPR or First Aid for the first time, you have the most up to date information and instruction that you can have. From instructional videos covering CPR, First Aid and AED's to Student First Aid/CPR/AED Training Packs, and educational hands-on games, learning to save someone's life has never been so important, fun and fulfilling.

CPR Home Learning Products

Perhaps the most important investment a family can make - a comprehensive do-it-yourself training system that helps you learn CPR & choking first aid skills at home. By combining realistic practice manikins featuring anatomical markings & built-in feedback with the interactive video, you receive all the tools you need to learn CPR - at your own pace & at your convenience. Covers procedures for adult, child & infant CPR.

CPR Faceshields

Personal Protection is of the utmost importance when performing CPR. Our CPR Faceshields are a must-have life saving device that every rescuer needs. When you are saving a life performing CPR, either in training or for real, maintaining these pieces, will help protect the first responder also remain safe from bacterial contaminants and other pathogens. To help save a life but also protect yourself, we offer Latex-Free CPR individual Faceshields, Ambu Res-Cue Mask Kit, Pac-Kit Faceshields, and Microshield Faceshields. These are designed for maximum effectiveness and protection while performing CPR.

CPR Keychains

Our Mini CPR Keychains, which come in multiple colors, are fun yet sensible and fantastic in a cardiac emergency. Stocked with a CPR faceshield, 4 exam quality gloves and 1 personal antimicrobial wipe, this item may be small in stature but carries a big punch in an emergency. It's very portable so you can carry this life saving protection wherever you go! We also carry a variety of other CPR keychain kits and boxes of keychains. Also check out our American CPR Mini CPR Keychain including a CPR breathing barrier with one-way valve.

CPR Masks & Barriers

Being at the right place at the right time to help a cardiac victim by performing CPR is both rewarding not only for the gift of a second chance for the victim but also the sense of duty and accomplished for the responder. To make sure that contaminants are not passed along to the rescuer thus ruining the feeling good story, we have CPR Masks and barriers that protect the first responder during CPR. The CPR Masks and resuscitators we offer by Ambu Res-Cue are among the best for stopping the spread of germs and bacteria from one person to the other during the process of CPR. Be prepared!

CPR Kits

It's only logical to want to be prepared for any type of emergency, event or disaster that can befall us. Having one of our CPR Kits can be a piece of that puzzle. Our CPR kits come in different sizes and are stocked with CPR masks, gloves wipes and biohazard bags among other items, to help you be able to perform CPR quickly and be safe from any type of bacterial or bloodborne pathogen.

Oxygen Units

Oxygen is on of most precious elements of survival. Our first aid Emergency Oxygen Units is a non-prescription medical device created specifically for use in emergency situations. The oxygen that this emergency oxygen unit provides for victims who are breathing and critical or for non-breathing patients can be a lifesaving treatment.


Stretchers are used to provide stabilization and a way for medical personal to quickly and easily transport a patient to a destination: either an awaiting medical transport or to a medical care facility. They can be carried by medical personal for use in and out of hospital care situations. We carry multiple stretchers, backboards and accessories to use in conjunction with a stretcher to ensure a patient is fully stabilized. Whether it is solid backboards or flexible stretchers that can be rolled up for easy transportation, we have you covered.

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