What's bugging you this Spring? Mosquito bites not only create annoying itchy bumps on your skin; they also carry the risk of disease. We all can take simple steps to avoid getting bit by these blood-sucking insects. BUGXSo you want to spend the time outside grilling and just plain lounging. Unfortunately, you live in an area where you can be eaten alive by the little critters that live outside: insects, mosquitoes etc. While most mosquito bites are relatively harmless. The itchy bumps often last for just a day or 2 after a mosquito has punctured your skin. But if the mosquito is carrying certain germs, like viruses or parasites, these pathogens might enter your blood during the bite and make you sick. The diseases spread by mosquito bites can be serious. Some experts call mosquitoes the world’s most deadly animal. Mosquito-related illnesses kill about 725,000 people worldwide each year. By comparison, snakes kill about 50,000; tapeworms about 2,000; and sharks only about 10 people per year across the globe. We have some of the top brands of insect repellant and bite relief products on the market. We want to make sure you DON'T get bit so our Ben's and Natrapel (among others) Insect replants that are all DEET free and provide up to eight hours of insect free time to enjoy. In case you did not pump on or use towelettes to put on insect repellents, those same brands also carry sting relief products in all types of delivery systems - pumps, sprays and towelettes, each having the formulated itch treatment to relieve the pain cause by swelling and itching from those critter bites.
Bug bites, though they can be small and at times are only a little bit annoying, can also become infected and painful if not treated properly. Make sure to always have some type of insect bite relief around to make sure you do not itch and scratch and make the bite become infected. You should also make sure to keep an eye on a bite that does not seem to be going away. Though you may have thought it was just an insect bite, it could end up being something a bit more serious such as a spider or tick bite. Be prepared!
Tent-CampintThe Outdoors can be a most beautiful, fun and relaxing place. Until its not. We want to make sure you are fully prepared no matter what outdoor activity you are doing, in case danger, emergency, disaster or just plain annoyance strikes. Fully Outdoor Survival/First Aid Kits, body warmers, emergency blankets, multifunction flashlights and other gadgets and multifunction tools are just a few items to help you be prepared to fully function, not just in emergency situations but also just for fun or while you are relaxing at a campsite. Always be prepared!
Tip for Family Camping:
  • Pack Plenty of H20 - Dehydration is not only dangerous for adults but especially for children.
  • Have a Communication Plan - Implement a Buddy system or even whistle a happy tune which can be used as an emergency code if children to get lost away from adult.
  • Know The Lay of the Land - Always know where you are and your surroundings. Being unprepared in rough terrain can be life-or-death.
  • Pack Just the essentials - Insect Repellant, waterproof tent, Swiss army knife, extra food and water among other items.
  • Oh and though you shouldn't have to be told, you should have a fully stocked first aid kit!