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Personal Protection Products

Our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) products are designed to limit your exposure to pathogens, airborne and/or bodily fluid, to keep you safe and give you piece of mind when dealing with hazardous chemicals, or in an environment where exposure to airborne viruses/pathogens is a possibility. From shoe covers, gowns, and gloves to eye protection and N95 Particulate Respirator masks, we have you covered for all different types of situations.

Personal protective equipment can be categorized by the area of the body protected and by what the equipment protects you from. A single item, for example boots, may provide multiple forms of protection: a steel toe cap/steel insoles for protection of the feet from crushing injuries, impervious rubber and lining for protection from water and chemicals, high reflectivity and heat resistance for protection from radiant heat. The protective attributes of each piece of equipment must be compared with the hazards expected to be found in the workplace.