Bleeding Control

Stop the Bleed! No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss.

  1. National Terrorism Advisory System
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    National Terrorism Advisory System

    STATEMENT BY SECRETARY JOHNSON ON THE NEW NTAS BULLETIN In December 2015, I announced the revision of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Terrorism Advisory System, or “NTAS,” to include an intermediate level NTAS “Bulletin.” We then issued a new NTAS Bulletin at the same time. The duration of the December Bulletin was six months, and expires tomorrow. The Department...
  2. The Good Samaritan Act
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    The Good Samaritan Act

    Get involved: We need to be a Nation of By-Doers, not By-Standers. Lives are saved by intervention of friends, neighbors, and strangers before EMS arrives every day. Fear of retribution: Unfortunately, in this day of litigiousness, many people fear repercussions from getting involved. Isn't that sad? Wouldn't you rather have someone try to save your life than stand by for...
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    New Year - New Lifesaving Skills

    The beginning of the year is always a time of ambition and thoughts of how we each will be a better and more productive person. This year, why not learn some critical lifesaving skills? What could be better than being ready, will and able to save a life when needed? Bystanders (this means you!) are the first link in the...
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    Our Free Gift to YOU! (Share this with your Friends & Family!)

    Tomorrow is Christmas, a time of giving... we've got something to share with you and your friends and family! Watch our FREE 22 minute video to teach some basic first aid skills and how to use those funny items you'll find in a First Aid Kit. HOW TO USE A FIRST AID KIT: WHAT YOUR FIRST AID COURSE DIDN'T TEACH...
  5. 8 Steps to Reduce Your Risk Of Deadly Healthcare-Associated Infections
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    8 Steps to Reduce Your Risk Of Deadly Healthcare-Associated Infections

    Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a serious risk to patient safety. One in 25 U.S. patients will contract an infection during their hospital stay, according to the CDC’s first national and state HAI progress report; perhaps shockingly, this is an improvement from years prior. The report’s goal, analyzing data from 2013 but not published until this year, is to help aid...
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    Bandaging a Wound

    Clean, Treat, Protect. These are the essential steps in caring for or bandaging a wound. Clean: Often, at the first site of blood, our reaction is to cover it up. This is a good thing. This is, in fact, and instinctual action 0 when we are cut or abraded we instinctively cover it with our hand, applying pressure (this is...
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    Stop the Bleed

    Severe Bleeding is one of the most life-threatening emergencies. Blood loss, or exsanguination, can lead to death in as little as 5 minutes... considering that average national EMS response time is 8-14 minutes, you can see why this is a major threat to loss of life. We recently participated in project at the White House to address this issue. Working toward...

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