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Preventing Contamination

No matter whether you work in a laboratory or a general work site, there are always harmful contaminants lurking about. Handling these hazardous chemicals and specimens requires a great deal of caution. If substances are not properly controlled, hazards can spread and contaminate other materials, work areas and even employees themselves. With many laboratories and work sites using toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic chemicals, employees need to do all they can to prevent contamination. Our training products on Preventing Contamination in the Laboratory emphasize the need to recognize situations that could lead to contamination, and discuss what can be done to prevent contamination from occurring. The topics covered in these materials include learning about how contamination occurs, general preventative measures, safe work practices and many more.

DNA and Cross Contamination have a dubious record together. On many occasion DNA has been used to link killers to their victims yet because of mishandled, evidence, cross contamination occurred and the evidence has had to be thrown out. This is where having a very tight chain of evidence command plus an infallible contamination prevention program is a must. Obviously if this can happen to DNA, the same can happen to dangerous chemicals or other samples at labs. Being trained to prevent this type of contamination is much needed and is mandated.

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