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Planning for Laboratory Emergencies

A beaker has just broken, with unknown chemicals in it and an experiment has shown unexpected reactions. How should employees go about dealing with these and other emergencies? Employees need to know when and how they should act in an emergency situation. Our comprehensive training products on Planning for Laboratory Emergencies discuss how to minimize damage and prevent injuries if a laboratory emergency should occur. These materials include some very important topics such as the Emergency Plan, what types of emergencies to be prepared for in a lab, the alarm and warnings, how to go about contacting outside agencies and many more topics!

Worst Lab Accidents in History.

  • "Critical Mass" Los Alamos - A Nuclear reaction occurred outside of the controlled realm, killing the scientist.
  • The Marburg Virus Outbreak - A before unknown virus sickened 37 German workers of which 7 died. The Marburg has reappeared over the years, kills, then disappears again.
  • Smallpox Escape - A Russian Scientists was accidentally infected with Smallpox from an island that was over 15 miles away where the military had dumped there.
  • Anthrax - Another Soviet Military debacle as 67 people were infected with anthrax from a military facility

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