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MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

ANSI, working with the Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA), have developed the first standard format for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). While this new MSDS format is not required under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, OSHA is encouraging its use. Perhaps as important, most of the large chemical manufacturers in the U.S. appear to be adopting this MSDS format. Our training products on "The ANSI Material Safety Data Sheet" have been specifically created to educate employees about the ANSI MSDS format. Some of the topics of this training material include the importance of the Material Safety Data Sheet, the advantages of the ANSI format, answering the four basic questions of the ANSI MSDS and much more!

WHAT IS A MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET? A Material Safety Data Sheet is used by chemical manufacturers and importers to convey both the physical hazards (pH, flashpoint, flammability, etc.) and the health hazards (carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.) of their chemicals to the end users. While ANSI has developed an alternative format and published a standard, and though it is a recommended format, its is not the required format. Any MDSD must have certain required categories on the datasheets no matter which format is used. They are: Manufacturer's Name and Contact Information, Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information, Physical/Chemical Characteristics, Fire and Explosion Hazard Data, Reactivity Data, Health Hazard Data, Precautions for Safe Handling and Use and Control Measures.

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