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Heat Stress

Working hard and working smartly and be considered two different things. The body is a powerful machine, capable of performing massive amounts of work. And like any machine, when it's pushed hard, your body can produce a lot of heat. Whether you're outside under a hot sun, inside a busy factory, or bundled up against the cold, you need to be careful when your body heats up. Our training products on "Heat Stress" review how heat affects the body, the steps employees can take to prevent heat stress, and elementary first aid that can be given to a worker who has been affected by a heat-related illness. These topics include heat-related illnesses, preparing to work in hot environments, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and much more!

This may seem a bit illogical but in a study of work-related heat stress finds heat strokes, sun strokes and other heat illnesses spike over groups of days and disproportionately affect those on the job less than two months. According to a study by the Institute for Work & Health on heat stress, young men working in manual occupations are most vulnerable to extreme heat. The more inexperienced they are on the job, the more likely they are to need time off work to recover from heat stroke, sun stroke, fainting and other forms of heat illnesses.

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