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Hand Wrist & Finger Safety

Obviously our hand wrists and fingers are a very important part of our everyday lives including work. Each year hundreds of thousands of people injure their hands, wrists or fingers. Nearly one out of four "on-the-job" accidents involve these parts of the body. To help reduce these problems, it is important for employees to learn about the most common hazards to these areas of the body. Our training products on Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety review hand, wrist and finger hazards and injuries and help employees to take the steps necessary to avoid them. Some of the topical information a user will take away is available personal protective equipment, fit and care of personal protective equipment, ergonomic hazards how the hand works and much more.

According to OSHA Standard 1910.138, employers shall select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when an employee's hands are exposed to hazards such as those from skin absorption of harmful substances, severe cuts or lacerations, severe abrasions, punctures, chemical burns, thermal burns or harmful temperature extremes.

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