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Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory

A laboratory environment has some of the most flammable, explosive and dangerous materials. When working with these substances, employees need to know their characteristics, as well as how to prevent accidents and injuries when using them. Training products for "Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory" discuss the nature of flammable and explosive materials, as well as hazards associated with their use. They also review the proper handling procedures and personal protective equipment that should be used when working with these substances. A user will learn items such as definitions of flammables and explosives, the conditions that can create hazards, role of ventilation to explosions and more.

FREEZING FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS - "Lab Safe" refers to Refrigerators and freezers used for storage of flammable or explosive materials. This type of cooling technology has no internal switching devices that can spark as a source of ignition. The compressor and other circuits usually are located at the top of the unit to reduce the potential for ignition of floor level flammable vapors. These refrigerators also incorporate design features such as thresholds, self closing doors, and magnetic door gaskets.

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