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Fitness & Wellness

A company should always have some type of wellness and fitness program. Having this type of program can significantly improve employee health and more importantly to the company bottom line: safety records. Studies have found that accidents and injuries occur less frequently with employees who are healthier and in better shape. Our training products on Wellness and Fitness show employees how small changes in lifestyles can produce big benefits. While wellness is a gradual process, eliminating negative lifestyle factors can help keep employees healthy. They can learn about the importance of a good attitude, the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse, the positives of exercise and conditions with blood pressure and stress.

FITNESS IN THE WORKPLACE - Studies have shown that by creating a wellness or fitness center in the workplace, employers can lower health-care costs, absenteeism and stress at work while at the same time increasing productivity, morale and time utilization. It might sound like a costly proposition, but in actuality, health promotion can be relatively inexpensive, with benefits to employers and workers greatly outweighing costs, according to health and fitness professionals.

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