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Exposure Monitoring & Medical Surveillance

Any workplace that has employees who are constantly around or handling hazardous materials need to how to monitor exposure to the chemicals and also how to medically evaluate employees who regularly work around the hazardous materials. Our training products on HAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance discuss various types of exposure monitoring equipment and techniques. The products also review the concept of medical surveillance and how it is used to evaluate the health of anyone who regularly works around hazardous materials. Some of the topics on this training material include use sampling collection devices, general on-site monitoring, perimeter monitoring and an indepth look at the medical surveillance programs.

Medical Surveillance Program - Medical surveillance is the systematic assessment of employees exposed or potentially exposed to occupational hazards. This assessment monitors individuals for adverse health effects and determines the effectiveness of exposure prevention strategies. A medical surveillance program includes the analysis of both individual and aggregate surveillance data over time, with the goal of reducing and ultimately preventing occupational illness and injury.

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