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Emergency Planning

Each year emergency situations cause an untold number of injuries and deaths. Damages to facilities and equipment run into the billions of dollars. While every emergency situation isn't preventable, by planning ahead, the effects of many of these situations can be minimized. Existing OSHA, SARA Title III, and numerous state regulations call for all facilities to meet a number of Emergency Preparedness/Crisis Management requirements. Our training products on "Emergency Planning" assist facilities in complying with these regulations and help them prepare for potential emergency situations. The topics for this training include preventing the “Domino Effect,” creating an Emergency Plan, the crisis management team, the role of outside agencies and much more!

WHAT IS SARA TITLE III? The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 is a United States federal law passed by Congress concerned with emergency response preparedness. This law was commonly known as SARA Title III. Its purpose is to encourage and support emergency planning efforts at the state and local levels and to provide the public and local governments with information concerning potential chemical hazards present in their communities.

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